Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Covid-19 Response 2021

  • Can School Sport Coordinators still be at the competitions and liaise between teams?

Yes, provided they wear a mask, carry and use hand sanitiser and keep their physical distance (2m) from all others.

  • Will it be cancelled if it is bad weather?

Looking at the weather forecast, there is a chance of some rain. We advise players to get to the nominated pre-match area no more than 15 minutes prior to movement to court and to have any wet weather gear they deem necessary.

  • Can I still coach/umpire more than one team?

Yes, you will however need to exit with that team that has just played, sanitise and re-join the nominated pre-match area with the next team to enter the courts for the next round.

  • Can I have my young child/ren at the courts, or even with a caregiver?

Unfortunately, we have to have a hard and fast rule that there will be no additional people at the courts as already is very difficult to manage, let alone if we had spectators or others there too.

  • Where can we warm down after our game?

Sorry, we cannot provide a designated area for your team warm down. You will have to look at other spaces outside Vautier Park as a team or perhaps individually.

  • I am a player, what if I am late to my game and it is already underway?

You need to report to the nominated pre-match area and the Netball Manawatu representative will be able to guide you to your playing court to join your team. Make sure you keep your physical distancing.

  • Are there toilets there to use if it is an emergency?

Yes, each toilet is labelled with a court number. Please use the toilet which corresponds with the court number you are playing on.

  • Are toilets cleaned during the day?

Yes, toilets, basins, taps etc. are cleaned after each round throughout the day.

  • How do I get to the toilets?

If you are on the first row of courts close to the Pavilion, you walk straight up the terraces to the toilets and find the correctly named court toilet. If you are from the middle or back row of courts, you make your way to the end of that row and proceed through the training area to the toilets. Make sure that you use physical distancing throughout your journey.

  • Can I drop in multiple team lists for our teams?

​​​​​​​Yes, but a member from each team must come up to the Events room to collect their score card.

  • Are there duty teams?

Pads will be dropped into the goal circle of each court at the start of the day. The first teams on the courts will need to put these up once they have arrived on court. The teams on in the last round of the game will need to carry their pads up onto the first terrace outside the Pavilion when they are exiting the courts.

There are no café duties as the café is closed.

  • Can a player or umpire move from a game on the front court to the back court for the next round?

Yes, they would need to exit the court they are on with the rest of that gathering then make their way to the nominated gathering area, from there they can move down the side of Court 12 and 17 to the other nominated gathering area to join their team for the next round. Sanitise at the gathering area on the way through.

  • Are goal post pads sanitised after rounds?


  • Do scorers share the score card during the game?

No. One person will fill out the score card for the whole game while the other person oversees it.