2023 Christmas Holiday Programmes

We are very excited to be hosting our 2023 Christmas Holiday Programmes!

Have you still got lots of Christmas Shopping to do, maybe it's last minute bits and pieces or it could be that you would like to have or go to a christmas party? We have the perfect opportunity where the kids can come and have some fun at Netball Manawatu while you get ready for Christmas! Throughout these afternoon/ evening sessions they will partake in NetballSmart activities, fun Netball Games, pending which day they come fish and chips or a mini pizza and chips (please see below which days are what dinner). We will have a Christmas movie on while having dinner and they will also be able to do Christmas craft as well for any last minute cards or presents they may want to make. 

The cost for the programmes are: 

1 day= $25.00

2 days= $50.00

3 days= $75.00

Please note however this depends on if they are sticking with the standard food which will either be: 

Thursday 15th December and Thursday 21st December: Pizza + Fries - if they would like a drink add 

Friday 14th December: 1 fish, Hot dog or sausage and Chips- if they would like anything extra please add ...

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Michaela at michaela@netballmanawatu.org.nz

Please find the link for the registration form below :) 

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