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Learning to Umpire Module

NNZ has a Learning to Umpire Module for New Umpires and Player Umpires which replaces the Netball New Zealand Centre Theory test. This module is the first step towards the Centre Umpire Award or a pre-requisite for some Centres for Player Umpires.

The Module helps New and Player Umpires understand some of the rules of netball as well as some practical techniques to enhance their umpiring.

This module requires registering on the NNZ Learning & Development Platform which can be accessed here;


Please ensure you enter the join code ‘umpire’ when you register.

How to register and access the New and Player Umpire Module


Starting out Umpiring - basic rules for new umpires, parents, players and netball coaches

New Player and Umpire Module - for new and player umpires, this is the theory pre-requiste for the Centre Award

(Available and completed online)

Techniques 1 - new and Pre-Centre Award Umpires, helps with understanding of Position, Vision and Timing and how they impact on umpiring

Techniques 2 - Centre Award umpires working towards Zone Award, similar concepts

Obstruction - Umpires and Umpire Coaches at all levels

Post Match Discussion -for umpires working towards Centre, Zone and NZ practical, learning to benefit from post match discussion and the NNZ coaching approach

Self Analysis - umpires working towards Centre, Zone and NZ practical. Growing umpire ability to analyse, understand skills needed and managing disappointment

Umpires Coaches and Assesors

Introduction to Coaching and Assessing -  for new umpire coaches and assessors

Level 1 - for coaches who have attended the Introductory Workshop

Annual Update - All umpire coaches and assessors, topic decided by NNZ annually

Assessor Development Programme - introduction to assessment and selection at Centre level

Fitness Testing Due Dates 2023

  • 15th March
  • 1st June
  • 1st August (for umpires wishing to attend NZ Open Champs)
  • 1st September

Umpire Level

Yo-yo Test Level

Fitness Test Deadline

Umpires selected by the NNZ Umpire Selectors for the NNZ Open Champs


1 August each year

Umpires selected by the NNZ Umpire Selectors for the NNZ Secondary Schools Champs


1 September each year

All umpires applying for NNZ U18 Champs


1 June each year

Umpires prior to screening for NZ B or NZ C, including endorsement


Within two weeks of the most recent fitness testing deadline

All other Umpires (recommended)



All umpires wishing to be appointed to NNZ events must provide current Yo-Yo Test results as per the table above. Current means within two weeks of the fitness testing deadline